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Call of Duty: Mobile App to Present Zombies Mode and Controller Support

On November 9, Activision updated their Reddit feed with a post revealing that fans’ favorite Zombies mode is officially on its way to Call of Duty: Mobile. It seems to be a large milestone on the path of the series to conquering the mobile sector. The spin-off launched on October 1, but its current player base is already over 150 million, with a whopping 100-million-player crowd that installed the game within the first week.

Call of Duty Mobile is the first full-scale mobile installment in the series and the first free-to-play mobile experience for the studio. However, it was developed in tight collaboration with the Chinese giant, Tencent, and its subsidiary, TiMi Games, which had fundamental market experience with Arena of Valor. It’s also responsible for the battle royale mode implementation. To discover more details about the latest version of the game, check out Call of Duty: Mobile review at Freepps.top.

At Last, They’re Coming

Zombies mode was first added to the franchise back in 2009 as an unlockable survival co-op for Call of Duty: World at War by Treyarch. The resounding success of the mode made it a signature feature of the entire series for the last decade, and we believe that it won’t ever disappear. 

Together with thousands of other fans, Freepps.top kept questioning Activision, “When are the Zombies coming?” on all their social media accounts. Developers evaluated such a massive community excitement and reported on their blog that the Zombies mode would be released even before we know about it. 

They keep the actual release date in secret, and it can mean 2 things. It may still on the early development stage, or it’s almost ready to go, and Activision does final works on the server-side. Some Reddit rumors also suggest substantial innovations in the co-op mode. Independently from the final result, it will be a memorable event.

Besides the Zombies update, the developer announced the exact dates of all upcoming events for the second week of November. Weekly Battle Royale, Airborne Chip Event, Personal Milestones, and FFA Challenge are closed on November 14, while the Endowment Pack is still on until November 18. Freepps.top team also hopes to see the Zombies update that day along with a new list of events.

As for the Endowment Pack, it’s a regular non-profitable event that’s aimed at gathering funds for helping unemployed veterans. Over 63,000 veterans have already received permanent workplaces since 2009 due to this initiative.

Controller Support Announcement

The last, but not least update will bring the highly anticipated controller support patch. The developer states that it passes the testing and calibrating stages to be ready for specific conditions of mobile matchmaking. Controller support became a crucial feature for mobile shooters over the last 2 years, along with the rapid growth of the field. Call of Duty: Mobile has all chances to become a new e-sport discipline as a result.

Worth Waiting

The release of Call of Duty: Mobile is a significant step toward mobile game development for the entire AAA gaming industry sector. Freepps.top team anticipates the Zombies update to publish first impressions and a detailed review as soon as possible, so stay tuned.

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