Michael Mack May 14, 2024

GTA Online: 6 Best Ways To Earn Money Passively

In the ever-expansive world of Grand Theft Auto Online, players need money to do a lot of stuff such as buying properties and vehicles and customizing their favorite vehicles. When the game was launched, there were not a whole lot of ways to earn money. However, Rockstar Games has been continuously expanding the ways through which players can fill millions of dollars in their bank accounts. These include heists, contact missions, and running different businesses.

Primarily, there are two ways of earning money in GTA Online: active and passive. As the name suggests, active ways require players to participate actively to be paid, such as heists and contact missions. On the other hand, passive earning ways let players earn passively while doing other things such as races, heists, or other missions. Passive businesses let players enjoy the wild world of GTA Online while making money in the background. There are multiple passive businesses in GTA Online that players can operate. Some have great returns on investment while others have low returns.


Earning At Full Potential: $5000/ 48 minutes

Players buy Arcade property primarily for the Diamond Casino Heist. However, they can also earn a sub-optimal amount of money passively through this business. For this, players have to set up all the arcade machines in place. Players don't have to buy the different arcade machines; they can just place the free machine that they get after purchasing the property in every slot.

After doing this, $5000 will be deposited in the safe in the Arcade office every in-game day, which is 48 minutes in real-time. This might not sound like a lot; however, it is just a small perk of owning this business. The safe has a $50,000 cap so make sure to collect the money after it fills up.


GTA Online hero

Earning At Full Potential: $20,000/ 48 minutes

Upgrade Cost: Nil For Passive Earning

Best Location: Little Seoul

Agency is a must-own property in GTA Online due to the value it provides. First, it lets players play the Dr. Dre's Contract missions. However, it also serves as a good source of passive income. There is a safe in the office where money fills up passively every 48 minutes.

Nonetheless, in this instance, participants are required to invest some effort to fully reap the benefits. The amount of money deposited in the wall safe is related to the Security Contracts players complete. For every 5 Security Contracts, the wall safe income goes up by $500. Players can get a max of $20,000 every 48 minutes after completing 201 Security Contracts. Keep in mind that there is a cooldown after completing a contract.

Salvage Yard

Earning At Full Potential: $24,000/ 48 minutes

Upgrade Cost: $625,000 - $1,375,000

Best Location: Strawberry

Salvage Yard is a relatively above-average business property, which allows players to launch mini-heists. In addition to that, this business also has a wall safe which fills up every 48 minutes. Like the Agency's wall safe daily income, the money deposited in Salvage Yard's wall safe is tied to the tow truck missions players complete.

The wall safe daily income goes up by $1000 for completing every tow truck mission. It has a $24,000 daily deposit cap. Players can also buy the wall safe upgrade which will increase the safe's capacity from $100,000 to $250,000 so that they don't have to visit to collect the cash that often.

MC Businesses

trevor house

Earning At Full Potential (All Businesses Combined): $197,300 / 60 minutes

Motorcycle Club Businesses or MC businesses are the illegal operations players run under the Motorcycle Clubhouse. There are 5 MC businesses that players can run. These all run in a similar fashion. Players have to bring in the supplies that the workers will convert into products. Players can simply just buy the supplies for $75,000 or they can launch a steal supply mission. Buying supplies will save a whole lot of time and hustle than stealing them.

After the staff has manufactured the product, players can start the sell mission to deliver the product and get paid. Players will get the delivery vehicle to deliver the product around the map. The tricky thing is that the players can get multiple delivery vehicles depending upon the amount of product they are selling. There is a rare chance that players will get only a single delivery vehicle irrespective of the amount of product.


Earning At Full Potential: $57,857/ 60 minutes

Upgrade Cost (excluding Security Upgrade): $1,753,000

Best Location: Farmhouse Bunker

The gun-running business in Bunker is very similar to the MC businesses but far more lucrative. It works the same way; players have to buy or steal the supplies and wait till the staff makes the product. However, it has some different features. In the Bunker, players can assign their staff to manufacture products, research to unlock some items, or do both. For players who primarily want to earn money, they have to assign staff to make products only.

This venture obliges participants to invest in employee and gear enhancements to maximize returns. Additionally, a truck parked at the Bunker's entrance enables participants to embark on an Ammu-Nation delivery quest, rewarding them with $50,000 upon successful completion. It's advisable, though, to own a Bunker positioned in a more advantageous locale for the Ammu-Nation delivery task.

Acid Lab


Earning At Full Potential: $69,800/ 60 minutes

Upgrade Cost: $250,000

Best Location: Nil

Acid Lab is yet another passive business that works on the same premise as the MC Businesses. However, players don't have to buy a property for this business. After completing the First Dose missions of GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, players will get a new Service Vehicle, Brickade 6X6. In this vehicle, players can set up their Acid Lab.

The best thing about this business is that no matter how much product players are selling, they will always get only one delivery vehicle. On top of that, the supplies are a bit cheaper for Acid Lab. Players can buy a full supply for $60,000.