Emma Rodriguez May 24, 2021

Minecraft Dungeons Release Date Confirmed: All We Know About It

Almost 10 years ago, Markus Persson showed the world the first version of Minecraft. Over the years, it has given birth to a powerful educational initiative, and a VR experience. Besides, it became one of the most modded games ever and one of the best-selling cross-platform titles of all time with over 176 million copies sold.

Minecraft has always been a survival sandbox with an open world and full freedom of action. Its universe is made of randomly generated voxel-brick terrains that let players destroy and construct almost anything that comes into their minds. Check out the full Minecraft review at GamesMojo.com, if you’re new to the title, and get ready for a brand new step in the story of the blocky legend, Minecraft Dungeons!

When It Comes Out

Xbox Studios promises to release Minecraft Dungeons in April 2020 at a modest price of $20. You will be also offered to pay $10 more to get 2 extra DLCs with a season pass. Yes, it’s going to be that cheap! No loot boxes or microtransactions – only classic in-game credits that we’ve always loved.

What It Will Be

Minecraft Dungeons Screen

Minecraft Dungeons preserves the original style of Minecraft along with fully destroyable voxel terrains, but that’s where similarities end. Mojang dared to reinvent the idea and decided to hit the new genre using a new engine, gameplay, and even a full-fledged plot with defined goals.

The gameplay sample that the GamesMojo.com team tried at E3 showed that it’s going to be an isometric (instead of full 3D) action-RPG experience with Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 instead of the proprietary solution. Developers say that the lore is inspired by Diablo 3, Darkest Dungeon, and other famous dungeon-crawlers. It feels rather familiar and captivates with the fresh RPG flavor.

The randomly pre-generated terrains of the original game were replaced with roguelike procedurally generated lands. Multi-directional branching lets you play in co-op with up to 3 friends and explore the world in 3 different directions on one server.

According to David Nisshagen, who presented the spin-off at IGN Live from X019, Minecraft Dungeons will be a light story with a focus on combat, exploration, and character development.

Your way will be full of mid-core puzzles and hordes of various mobs to fight with. The universe is split up into several layers with different creatures, quests, loot, difficulties, and other conditions. Unfortunately, we couldn’t record gameplay, but IGN kindly shared it with everyone.

The Story Mode

Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens

The revealed storyline features a villain names Arch-Illager, who was hated and rejected by society. A magical artifact gave him an inexhaustible source of power to bend his abusers and make them foster terror across the realm.

Get ready for a simple story adapted for the perception of Minecraft’s key audience, children. At GamesMojo.com we hope that Mojang will sprinkle it with some witty slapstick humor to make it more attractive for adults.

RPG Revolution?

It looks like Minecraft is going to make the RPG genre more approachable for younger generations and compete with mastodonts like Diablo. There’s no sense in anticipating something big and revolutionary, but it will certainly be fun and engaging.