Diana Beck Jun 07, 2021

My Friend Pedro Review

Sometimes the only thing you want to say about a game is “cool.” My Friend Pedro by DeadToast Entertainment is exactly that kind of a title. It’s based on a simple 2014 MFE: My friend Pedro title by Adult Swim. In fact, the idea hasn’t changed a lot since then, but the implementation is a hundred times better. Our friends from IndieGames completed the new version and here is their detailed review.

It’s Definitely Weird A Bit

My Friend Pedro Shooter

My Friend Pedro is a compilation of age-old concepts. You play a badass guy from nowhere who can use limitless bullet-time slow-mo and a few classic universal guns like Micro Uzi, shotguns, and pistols.

The nameless tough guy wakes up in the basement of a butcher shop where he meets a talking banana Pedro (the protagonist is voiceless). It has two extraordinary talents: to fly and to tell the character to mess around shooting everything that moves indiscriminately. There are also several jokes that can’t implement developers’ attempts to liven up the amateur cut scenes. Fortunately …

Action Saves The Show

My Friend Pedro Screen

The script and absurd dialogues are painless and rare. Guys from DeadToast did it right when decided not to distract the player from doing bad things. The result of mixing up good old cliches with a fresh look on side-scrolling shooter mechanics gave birth to a unique simulator of toughness.

Your sole objective is to neutralize everyone you encounter as swiftly as possible to maintain the score multiplier. The central aspect of the gameplay is slow-motion action. Approximately 80% of the time, you utilize it for precise targeting and to appreciate the stunning acrobatics of the uniquely proportioned protagonist.

Imagine sliding on a rope, crashing through a window, smashing enemies from both hands in Macedonian style in mid-air, and leaving the scene on an accidentally abandoned skateboard. My Friend Pedro is stuffed with such cool stunts.

Not the Best Jokers – Excellent Developers

My Friend Pedro

It’s also a great pleasure to notice how many clever mechanics and unique platform interactions are implemented within a short game. You can kick knives, pans, or body parts, and ricochet bullets from metal surfaces, including frying pans, soaring in slow-motion.

Even though the most exciting and impressive levels are front-loaded, the second part of the game allows you to savor the beauty of the gameplay and the feeling of control over the entire screenplay. Though the stunts that the character performs look complicated, your fingers feel like you’re a virtuoso.

We don’t have secrets at IndieGames.Download, so you should know that My Friend Pedro isn’t the perfect game. It’s a fine indie project that includes many raw pieces but astonishes with its charm and creativity.

Oh, a Banana!

To its Credit, DeadToast spent 4 years for a good reason. Like the best Hollywood action movies, My Friend Pedro is all about how cool it is to be an invincible guy with nearly endless bullets. This crazy adrenaline rush is rather short and clumsy at places, but it’s a small price for a memorable platform blood bath.

Overall Score: 8.5


  • Astonishingly dynamic gameplay;
  • A variety of creative mechanics;
  • Pretty good Unity visuals.


  • Available only for PC and Switch;
  • Weird plot and jokes;
  • It could be longer;