Diana Beck Nov 01, 2023

The Writer of Dead Space 3 Would Choose to Completely Overhaul the Game Rather Than Simply Remake It

Dead Space 3 marked a significant departure from the survival horror origins of the series, leaning more towards an action game rather than a horror experience. It was also the last installment in the series before Motive Studios remade the first game earlier this year. If fans are concerned that Dead Space 3 will be remade in its original form, they can rest assured that given the opportunity, Chris Beaver, the original writer of the game, would completely overhaul it.

Beaver, who worked as a writer and co-producer on Dead Space 3, recently spoke to the CaptainBribo podcast (credit: PCGN) regarding this subject matter and had this to say:

"In this remake territory [for Dead Space], I'd almost entirely redo Dead Space 3 but would retain key lore elements and character Ellie albeit in a different relationship with Isaac while overhauling the main storyline."

He went on to stress his intent to remove the love triangle involving characters Isaac, Ellie, and Robert while delving deeper into Isaac's damaged psyche explored in the first game, drawing parallels with the Gollum-Smeagol dynamic from The Lord of The Rings.

As for why Dead Space 3 turned out as it did, Beaver explained: "The goal with Dead Space 3 was to branch out into other gameplay genres. But instead of attracting newer audiences, we ended up losing our existing ones because we weren't permitted to create an outright horror game right from the start."