Michael Mack Nov 29, 2023

Dragon Ball FighterZ to Launch Rollback Netcode Open Beta on Steam

Bandai Namco has heeded the call of Dragon Ball FighterZ enthusiasts and is set to introduce the eagerly anticipated rollback netcode to the game. The much-coveted upgrade is scheduled for a trial run through an open beta on the Steam platform, beginning on November 30 and concluding on December 11.

Fans who have been vocal about their desire for this feature will, at last, get the chance to experience the game with the new netcode, albeit presently only on Steam. For individuals owning the PC version, participation in the beta is straightforward—the beta client can be retrieved by opting into the beta in the game's Steam settings under the "Betas" tab, where the necessary version of the game is available for download.

The update on this rollout was delivered in the form of a video featuring producer Tomoko Hiroki, who extended an apology to fans for the delay in the beta's arrival, which missed its initial spring release timeline. Hiroki highlighted the importance of refining the feature to ensure a seamless player experience.

It’s notable that progress made in the open beta will not carry over to the main game once the beta concludes. Additionally, any in-game purchases or premium currency transactions will be disabled in the beta environment.

Released in 2018, Dragon Ball FighterZ has achieved substantial success, crossing over 10 million in sales by May 2023. The continued interest in the game has motivated Bandai Namco to support Dragon Ball FighterZ even after the halt of official downloadable content—a contrast to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, which is still receiving new content and boasts a similar sales record.

As fans await the upcoming open beta with anticipation, Bandai Namco has also hinted at the development of a new Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi game, leaving fans eager for more information in the future.