Emma Rodriguez Nov 24, 2023

EA Sports FC 24 Set to Feature UEFA Euro 2024 in a Summer Update

EA Sports FC 24, the successor to the famed FIFA video game series, is set to make a spectacular splash next year by incorporating a major football event through an expansive update. As summer kicks into high gear, players will be able to dive into the thrills of the UEFA Euro 2024 championships, meticulously recreated in the digital realm at no extra cost.

David Jackson, the brand vice president for EA Sports FC, has expressed excitement over the introduction of one of the upcoming summer's largest football tournaments to their lineup of games. The partnership with UEFA will bring exclusive Euro-themed content to players, paving the way for EA Sports to enhance their authentic and groundbreaking football experiences. Although specifics of what this 'experience' will include remain unspecified, the promise of innovative "content" has been emphasized.

It's certain, however, that fans delving into the latest EA sports game between December 18th and January 17th will secure a gift of exceptional value—a European football heavyweight for their Ultimate Team. From England's Jack Grealish to Spain's Alvaro Morata, players have a chance to land one of six illustrious figures to boost their squad. These football stars, although sweepstakes prizes, can't be sold off, ensuring they remain exclusive to the lucky players who nab them during the promotional period.

Beyond the simulated UEFA Euro 2024 experience, EA Sports FC 24 is on the roster to simulate a virtual UEFA-sanctioned tournament, dubbed the eEURO. With a namesake that seems plucked from the early aughts, the eEURO is slated as an annual event involving qualifying bouts between national teams of UEFA, culminating in a live showdown within the very confines of the EA Sports video game universe. Anticipation builds as details about the inaugural eEURO, set for next summer, are expected to be unveiled in due time.