Emma Rodriguez Jan 24, 2024

Farewell to NieR Reincarnation: Square Enix Announces Closure Date

Square Enix has announced the unfortunate news that on April 29, NieR Reincarnation, the esteemed mobile entry in the NieR series, will halt operations. This news will undoubtedly be disheartening for the player community, considering the game has been a part of the mobile gaming scene for less than three years, with versions for both Android and iOS platforms.

NieR Reincarnation, developed by Applibot, represented the Drakengard series' initial exploration into the mobile gaming sphere. While being a relatively affordable venture for Square Enix, the title was released during a time of peak profits for the company, buoyed by the global health crisis. However, the following two years saw a decline in sales, prompting Square Enix to overhaul its strategy by reducing its number of annual releases and focusing on higher-grossing projects, predominantly those of AAA status.

As a result, several mobile games have been discontinued, with NieR Reincarnation now added to the list. Square Enix has expressed gratitude to the players for their enduring support through social media, setting April 29, at 10 PM PT, as the time when the game will officially go offline. Prior to this date, Applibot plans to introduce the final installment of the game’s narrative, The People and the World Act 3: Transmigration, which is expected to launch on March 28 at 6 PM PT. This gives players just over a month to dive into the story's last act.

In preparation for the conclusion, the game will feature additional content releases, such as the Story Completion Countdown event, designed to expedite players' progression. The event includes daily bonuses such as ten complimentary summons and ample weekly gem allocations. Starting now, the event is set to continue until the final story chapter is released. Additionally, players can look forward to weekly releases of new character costumes during the event period.

NieR Reincarnation's Closure: A Sign of Continuing Trends

Significantly, the announcement regarding NieR Reincarnation's closure comes shortly after Square Enix's decision to end services for two other mobile games, Engage Souls and Full Metal Alchemist Mobile, with the former having had a particularly short run of less than a year before being discontinued.

The company has also made the tough call on other mobile endeavors before they fully launched, including the in-house developed Just Cause: Mobile, which was cancelled in July 2023 during its beta phase. Considering these patterns, it’s possible that NieR Reincarnation might not be the last mobile title from Square Enix to be decommissioned in 2024.