Michael Mack Apr 28, 2024

Rediscover Classic Fortnite with Project Nova

Project Nova is here to transport you back in time to the Fortnite gameplay of yesteryear—every old-school player's dream. As Fortnite has moved on from the iconic Chapter 1 map, there are those who yearn for what once was—the simple charm of early Fortnite. Project Nova is a mod designed to give players the chance to dive back into that familiar world where nostalgia reigns supreme.

Project Nova: A Throwback to Classic Fortnite

Project Nova: A Throwback to Classic Fortnite

Think of Project Nova as a time machine for Fortnite enthusiasts. This third-party mod is all about capturing the essence of OG (original game) Fortnite in the year 2024. This is your chance to revisit the good old days—where you can explore the original Chapter 1 Island all over again, dropping at classic Points of Interest like Greasy Grove and Retail Row. Find those first-edition weapons and dress up in any skin from the past, even the coveted Renegade Raider!

What's more, the default setting is reminiscent of the very last season of Chapter 1, Season X, though there are options to customize your journey through earlier seasons. Since Project Nova is essentially a private server using vintage assets, you're able to enjoy a blast from the past without any limitations.

How to Play the Original Fortnite with Project Nova

How to Play the Original Fortnite with Project Nova

Playing Fortnite through Project Nova is accessible, and thankfully, the mod's developer has produced a comprehensive tutorial. Here's how to get started:

  • Gain entry to the Nova Discord server.
  • Register for a Nova account by navigating to the server's #bot-commands section and inputting the following command: /create. You'll then input your email, create a username, and set a password.
  • Proceed to download both the NovaLauncher and the OG Fortnite files by accessing the VC_redist.x64 file and the NovaLauncher from the server's #download section.
  • Create a new folder on your system and transfer the NovaLauncher into it.
  • Unzip the NovaLauncher.
  • Run the NovaLauncher.exe file.
  • Select Settings and subsequently pick Easy Installer.
  • When prompted by the new window, input "75" and then hit Enter.
  • Create another new folder on your desktop and open it.
  • Transfer the folder link into the EasyInstaller and press Enter.
  • Stay patient while the installation finishes.
  • Choose the folder in which Fortnite is installed and confirm with OK.
  • Bear in mind that each time you open the launcher, a fresh exchange code is required. Head back to the Discord server's #bot-commands and enter /exchange-code.
  • Paste the retrieved code into the NovaLauncher and initiate Launch.

For those who require a more detailed walk-through, a tutorial video has been provided along with additional support through the Nova Discord server channels.

Once everything is set up and you're all set to jump into OG Fortnite, await the Nova Manager's server availability announcement on the Nova Discord server's uptime channel. Respond to the notification in the server's reaction-roles channel to receive alerts for each match launch.

When you get the go-ahead that a server is active, hit play in the OG Fortnite to commence a match.

So there you have it, a full rundown on how to traverse back to the wonder of Fortnite Chapter 1 in 2024. Enjoy this trip down memory lane!